Fantram le BĂ©lier is a film presenting the construction of a mysterious object, and its particularity is that it does not follow any technical cut,
nor a construction plan in the strict sense. There is simply a starting point, the imagination of a ram that is half siege weapon, half fan, that can sweep the walls with its breath.

There is a certain degree of fantasy in the film, which is due to the fact that the human presence is very much in the background compared to the objects. The ram is in a way the main character, whose construction process tells the story of its birth, on the scale of a world of tools and a landscape of materials. The final anatomy of this hybrid creature is only gradually revealed to the viewer, and the imagination wanders to one representation or another throughout the process of making.

Shooting the film alone, I co-ordinated the work on the image with the simultaneous construction of the object. When I was filming the sculpture, I was working on the technical cutting of the sequence of shots in my head; symmetrically, when I was positioning and adjusting the camera, the distance I was taking through the framing allowed me to adjust the proportions of the sculpture. This film is not a in-camera editing, it would have something to do with in-camera construction of an object.

Musique : Arno Zhao – Fant 1.4